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Why choose Cashbook Savings coupon book for your fundraiser? It's easy, risk-free and high profits!

One of our representatives will be happy to explain our fundraising programs for schools and non-profit organizations.

Make 50% Profit!

An easy way to Fundraising Profit.

Why choose Cashbook Savings Coupon Book for your fundraiser?
It’s easy, risk-free and high-profit.

  • Books are provided on consignment.
  • No up-front investment.
  • All unsold books are returned for full credit.
  • Great value to your customers: Cashbook Savings sells for $20 and can save families hundreds of dollars all year long. Great holiday gifts!
  • High profits. 50% profit!
  • We deliver the coupon books to your organization and pick up any unsold books when your fundraiser is over.
  • Checks are made out to your organization and at the conclusion of your fundraiser, one check is cut to Group Marketing Services minus your profit.

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